Ebear Blank Template

get the latest ebear blank template!
-fixes to UV layout
-updated texture template
-included my own shity example but it should still help
-made a deconstruction video & turntable to help illustrate the Texture Template

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  1. Frank sent me an awesome ebear design and it really helped point out some issue i will need to address with the UV layout and/ or the model:
    - The ears in the template look like they are only the font of the head but they are in fact the front and back, it's confusing can be fixed by changing the UV's
    - The hands are a little harder to fix though, something will have to be done with the UV's or the shape of the hands on the model, because it's just plain hard to understand in the UVs or template and equally difficult to paint on even if you understand them
    - Majority of the other issues can be fixed by providing an example design with the template