Style Guide/Referances

I wasn't able to single out any one style or reference, so I'm going to post many influences and references here in hopes that a concept artist will be able to draw from them a single cohesive vision.

some awesome toys.

Blain Hefner

Brandt Peters

Mars-1 does some really incredible abstract pop-surrealism. What I want to point out is some of the micro landscapes found in many of his pieces seen here.

He also some character designs that border too fantastic for what I’m looking for, but are worth noting.

Although American Gothic is the most noted of Grant Woods work, his landscapes have a style that lends itself well to 3d representation.

The trees in this painting by Joe Vaux have a similar feel to Grants.

This Painting by Nathan Ota starts to get a little closer to the kind of urban-pop-fantasy quality i'm looking for.

Other Influential Media
Earthworm Jim – concept art by Doug TenNapel, has some incredibly creative environments, characters, animation and weaponry

John Kricfalusi – creator of Ren & Stimpy and countless other characters

Chuck Jones – Looney Tunes, Merrie Melodies, essentially the best of Warner Bros.

Super Mario Galaxy – first game to feature none planar game play in a 3d environment

Worms Armageddon – casual turn based strategy game with some really smart design, and creative weaponry

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