Prototype 3

Play tested this with several friends and co-workers in the past weeks. Some useful feedback highlights where centered around the aiming difficulty, which comes about for several reasons: possible solutions are to implement a recital system that determines what the projectile will hit, this sounds simpler then it is since the projectiles path is affected by gravity so the angle of the weapon would have to adjust depending on the position and distance of the target surface the recital is over. This would indeed make it easier to aim but I'm not totally convinced this adds to the game, aiming around the spherical environment is a challenge, a skill to hone, a toy to play with, is it a fun toy though?


  1. Why not a targeting system that points out the trajectory and landing radius? like a green lazer or something.

  2. that sounds similar to what I had in mind originally, but what I'v seen in play testing is that a system like that is good if when you have very limited ammo, like grenades, where you're more likely to want to aim then shoot, but with guns and even rocket launchers, the tendency is to just shoot it to see the trajectory and adjust as you're shooting. I'd like to keep game play as rapid as possible and keep the ammo plentiful. A trajectory guide(like you mentioned) may be the best way to go.