the epiphany

Paul: i have a game project for us

Slater: yeah?

Paul: Ebear World!

Paul: make you own Ebear texture, now run your very own Ebear around Ebear World making love or war, multiplayer, web based

Slater: ebear world?, esplain.

*** Slater has received EbearWars.7z.

Paul: take a glimpse at a Ebear Blank

Paul: and let your Emaginnation take flight

Paul: how many different Ebears could you make

Paul: Frank ebear, Kill ebear, Love ebear, Cutes ebear, Slut ebear, Rambo ebear!

Paul: Eee-ndless

Slater: haha, wtf!

Paul: take a stroll on Ebear World, but bE wear

Slater: hahah

Paul: other Ebears are out for Eblood

Paul: our your ejuices , you never know

Paul: poke another ebear to increas your speed and power

Paul: or Eblow'm sky high

Paul: using your powers drains your ejuice

Paul: and watch out for other Ebears trying to get some love-taps on you ass

Slater: jeezus

Paul: or team up with a buddy to and go a on a eRampage blow'n the fudge out every one in sight

Paul: high scores are based on total powers gained, damage dealt, and life span

Slater: rocket packs

Slater: grenade launchers


  1. Quite possibly the greatest IM i've been involved in.

  2. so some further dissuasion's took place, suggestions made, pondering ebears world

    - designer toy esq characters and environment, modern pop/anime/urban design influenced

    - spherical environment, i.e. a small planet, small enough for the player to to circumnavigate quickly

    - multiplayer only

    - the planet changes size based on the number of players, so it's always small enough to to keep the action going as players are killed off, or as time elapses.

    - upon research, web-based/flash deployment is looking too restrictive

    - PC .exe seems to be the easiest way to go for initial release, considering console and handheld platforms

    - major downsides of console development

    - money required

    - extensive submissions process

    - no easy way for users to create and summit character designs from any platform other then a PC.

    - XBLA sounds good, but user submitted content is fraught with problems for Microsoft

    - players could summit their character designs from a web based forum, vote on designs etc, wining designs could get reviewed, then put in the game.

    - while it would be nice to think that there would be enough people out there that would go to the trouble to make a character texture/design before they where able to play the actual game, it's probably a better idea to have several characters to choose from and allow people who want to use their own design.

    - designer toy styled characters could be nice for several reasons

    - it caters to a community already interested in making their own character designs and art work

    - it's a opportunity to create something that lends itself well to multiple mediums and interest, the game itself; which is interactive, played online multiplayer or native multiplayer(for a party game) so it's inherently social, but the web forum is also social, competitive, and a place for artist to showcase their designs, then there's the physical mediums that could run in parallel to the game, real ebear toys with limited manufacturing runs of the winning designs, blank ebears for personal custom designs, and collection.